Emile&Tolkien: Number 1

Emile & Tolkien

I won’t explain how or even why but I had ‘inherited’ two Chihuahuas. There was little Emile with his back left knee that kept on locking up and the bigger Tolkien whose ability to be on the floor one minute and on top of a high table the next was impressive.

These small stories are to let you know that you are not the only one who may not be quite sure how to look after your small friend(s) and hopefully to give you some tips; after all I had to learn the hard way!

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Emile and Tolkien - story

So with no canine experience I thought that the first thing to be done was a visit to the vet’s. He lived about 20 kilometres away but as a friend of a friend, why not? The dogs were carefully placed on a nice travel blanket on the back seat of my salon car and off we went, excellent. Emile was quietly laying down as I looked into the rear view mirror, but where was Tolkien? He appeared on the passenger’s seat sort of hopping up and down and looking that he rather fancied sitting on my lap.

So the first lesson is that even small dogs need a harness for the car!

I will let you know what I did next time, until then,

Juan Hoonose


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