Emile&Tolkien: Number 2

Emile & Tolkien

So I had managed to avoid having a Chihuahua being catapulted into the back of my neck and both Emile and Tolkien were now sitting comfortably on the back seat of my car. Well, actually Tolkien did seem a little annoyed, but hey ho, safety first.

When I arrived home I had to consider how to keep them both entertained. To be honest I was under the impression that Chihuahuas didn’t do much, how wrong can you be? OK, let’s get them into the garden. Good old Emile, his knee locked periodically (the vet said that he was not in any pain), barrelled straight out of the door, through the garden and into the orchard. Tolkien, for all his bravado was surprisingly a little whimpish.

Tolkien finally found one of my practice golf balls (while Emile seem to prefer what most dogs do when they find a tree). Well, lesson number two, Chihuahuas are unlikely to rip your arm off but perhaps a golf ball was a little too hard!

OK, the Vet was very understanding and after all, the damage was really marginal. I knew that chewing is important for all dogs, it helps their mental and physical health but clearly a golf ball was not a good idea! What did work well though were quite strong rubber chew toys. You need to make sure that you can indent the toy with your finger nail, easy!!

Live and learn, until the next time.

Juan Hoonose

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