Emile&Tolkien: Number 4

Emile & Tolkien

Gone Fishin’

My single previous experience with fishing had been a disaster. My friend had persuaded me to buy some lines and weights (sorry I don’t know the technical terms), we stood on the beach and ‘cast off’. The line snapped my weights sunk, not a great day.

So when my friend asked me go to a fishing lake with him it was on the condition that I could take Emile and Tolkien., rather than fish! The area was fenced off so no risk of losing my small friends.

Nice day, lots of rods dangling around the lake and everyone seemed to be happy.

Emile and Tolkien were just being inquisitive like normal, just being themselves. However after an hour or two, disaster struck. Tolkien was looking and acting as if had been pole-axed by something. Sure enough (and he is inclined to try to eat anything), he had swallowed something that had a fish hook attached.

An emergency vet was required and indeed there was a fish hook in his gut! OK we all like our dogs to explore but I would suggest that at times it might be prudent to fit them with a small muzzle. OK they are not going to rip anyone’s arm off but they could seriously hurt themselves.

Another lesson, have fun!

Juan Hoonose

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