Emile&Tolkien: Number 3

Emile & Tolkien

Summer trip

It’s nice to get away sometimes and enjoy the countryside or maybe the beach, especially with your small friends. So with Emile and Tolkien safely clipped into their car harnesses we headed for the coast.

The weather had been really hot and even with the airco on in the car you really need to make sure that you and your charges are well hydrated. Apart from my own water bottle I also brought two bottles (and back up) for my dogs with little rubber spouts on so that they can get a drink whenever they need.

At the beach you also need to be careful as well, not all resorts let dogs on the beach in the summer, even if you have your plastic poop bags with you.

We decided to walk along the promenade but made sure that we used the shade from time to time, the walkways can also get very hot so it is really important to be careful and to ensure that your dogs do not burn their paws. Given Tolkien’s history of accidents this seemed to be prudent.

A last precaution for all of us were hats, I have one with a wide brim (rather jaunty I think) whilst Emile and Tolkien have tiny baseball caps, they seemed to enjoy them.

Do have fun in the hot weather but take as much care of your dogs as you would of yourself and never leave them locked in the car with the windows closed even for a few minutes!

Juan Hoonose

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