Chihuahua Eyes

Chihuahua Eyes

The eyes of a dog should generally be cleaned on a daily basis, the same goes for Chihuahua eyes. Tears and puss dry and end up in the corners of the eyes. This can be easily removed with your finger or with a tissue. When you see that your dogs are irritated you can clean the area around the eyes (but not the eyes itself) with lukewarm water and a tissue. If the irritation persists it’s important to visit a vet who can prescribe an ointment. Sometimes the irritation can only be cured with an ointment.

Chihuahua eyes are a bit special. Dogs with bulging eyes such as the Chihuahua require more care than other dogs. Cleaning the eyes only takes a few seconds per day and is a good habit. When you see yellow puss in the eye corners this can indicate that there is an infection. Eye drops can bring salvation to this problem.

Chihuahua eyes

Tear Stains

Chihuahua eyes are prone to infections. Tear stains are the marks you can see on a dog’s fur around the eyes. Moist from the eyes discolours the hairs below. Whilst caring for Chihuahuas it is important to clean the eyes from time to time. It is sometimes frustrating for an owner to get rid them because there are many reasons for which dogs can get tear stains. Once all health problems have been solved the tears will stop.

So what are the possible causes for the tears:

  • Puppies can start producing excessive tears due to teething. This typically starts when they are 4 months old and stops when they are 8-9 months old. Tearing will stop once the teething process is over. Be carefull, excessive moist can lead to yeast infections! So it is important to clean the eyes from time to time.
  • Plastic bowls are not ideal for dogs. they can lead to tearing and pigmentation loss on the nose! Best bowls for a small dog are shallow, floor-levelled and made out of stainless steal or ceramic.
  • Tap water – depending on where you live- can be contaminated with fluoride. This is bad for your dog and can lead to cancer or toxicity. In general, chemicals can cause tearing.
  • Smoke irritating the eyes causing them to water, unclean air has the same effect. If you’re a smoker…. smoke outside!
  • Tear duct problems / Eyelash issues
  • Ear or Nasal infections


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