Finding the right Chihuahua Puppy

The quest for the best Chihuahua

As you might have already gathered there are multiple chihuahua breeds which vary in price. The prices do not only vary across breeds but often also within the same type of chihuahua. Although the price is a factor that people take into account when purchasing any type of product or service, we believe that this criterion should be of the lowest importance when buying Chihuahua puppies. This article will elaborate on the most important factors to take into account when finding your chihuahua puppies.

Possibly the most important factor you want to watch out for is the puppy’s health.

As with all dogs, health issues can influence the relationship and the length of the relationship you have with your dog. One of the factors which might impair the health of a chihuahua is the time between litters. Chihuahuas are small dogs and birth can be a very traumatic experience. Not allowing enough time to recover might endanger the next litter’s health. More information inspecting a puppy’s health can be found here.

Even after a thorough health inspection, problems can still arise. Therefore, health insurance can be of great benefit when buying puppies. Veterinarian trips can be frequent and can be costly. Just as you would for a person, having health insurance can cover a lot of unforeseen costs.

chihuahua litter

Chihuahua puppies – the breeder

Another important factor when buying Chihuahua puppies is to learn as much as possible about the breeders and the temperaments they instill into their young pups.

Instilling a good temperament into your pup takes time and some breeders will not be willing to invest their time and money in doing this. Breeders whose sole interest is money should be avoided at all costs.

The first four weeks of a Chihuahuas’ life is managed by the mother. During the first 4 weeks of the puppy’s life the mother will help the litter get through its whelping stage. As of the moment the puppies start becoming more independent and start looking for social interaction, the breeder must chip in and take some responsibility. The social interaction does not limit itself to other dogs but also includes the environment in which it is placed.  Allowing puppies to interact with other animals or dogs at an early stage will help them develop a social character and an openess to others. If the puppy is not exposed to items outside its litter, it might become anxious and easily scared when being exposed to new situations, humans or dogs.

Chihuahua Inbreeding

Inbreeding, which is the mating of closely related dogs, is also an issue for dogs. If the breeders do not diversify their breed and continue to inbreed, mutations could arise and become dominant. New genes make for strong dogs, just like it does in other species.

When buying Chihuahua puppies it is important to keep in mind that you always have a choice. Do not buy a Chihuahua because “it’s the best I could find”. A good healthy dog is worth a wait.

Due to the popularity of the Chihuahua the amount of scammers has increased significantly. It is your job to avoid these traps! Read ‘Questions to ask a breeder‘ to help you get through the process of buying Chihuahua puppies and what to look out for.

Be informed when looking at breeders!