Chihuahua Dog breed info

Chihuahua dog breed info

The Chihuahua dog breed is generally considered as the smallest dogbreed. Furthermore, most kennel clubs accept the Chihuahua dog breed as the smallest breed.

There are 2 separate kinds of breeds of Chihuahua. Chihuahuas can be categorised in two types, I.e.The “Smooth coat” also known as short-haired Chihuahuas and “Long coat” which is the long-haired counterpart. Contrary to other dogs with long hair, the Long coat Chihuahuas are easily groomed.

Others might claim that there is another categorisation of Chihuahuas, i.e. applehead shaped and deerhead shaped Chihuahuas. Appleheads are usually short-haired while Deerheads are usually Long coats. Although, neither the deerhead or applehead are officially recognised by major dog associations, they do have some distinct features. Apple heads tend to have rounded heads, a close set of eyes and short stumpy ears and legs. Deerheads have those little flat-topped heads. Their eyes are set more appart giving them a wider face. Additionally, their ears are much larger and longer. Whilst the Deer head chihuahua is not necessarily taller, its legs are much longer and more slender.

Going back in time, history tells us that Deerheads were popular in the mid-twentieth century. However, current breed standards defined by registries such as the Chihuahua Club of America and American Kennel Club specify the apple head conformation. Despite the applehead conformation there is a new trend popping up which is the mixing of the two breeds in order to create your personal hybrid. This trend, though, is highly discouraged as mixing between chihuahuas weakens the breed. In the UK, matings between the two are not eligible for KennelClub registration. The mixing of Applehead and Deerhead chihuahuas is usually done in the United States. This can also somewhat be linked to the popularity of the “Teacup Chihuahua”.

Chihuahua Appearance

Chihuahuas are an ancient dog breed – dating back from the times of the Tichichi dog. Over time they have developed different types of Chihuahuas.
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Although they might appear very different they all belong to the same dog breed. Of all types of Chihuahuas only two are officially recognised. When describing the apprearance of the Chihuahua we must look at the breed standards. These set of guidelines are officially recognised by the respected dog associations. They are written to reflect the use of purpose of the breed.

shorthaired chihuahua sittingTake-aways from the full ‘Chihuahua Appearance’ article:

  • Breed Standards
    • Weight: 3kg (breed standards) up to 4.5kg  or 6.6 lbs up to 10 lbs
    • Height: between 15-23 centimeters but can grow up to 40 centimeters
    • For non-metrics that is 6-9 inches up to 15 inch
  • Chihuahua Coat
  • Shedding
  • Size and posture


The Chihuahua coat is dependent on the type of Chihuahua. There is a difference in long- and short-haired. Unlike other dog breeds, there is no dominant coat colour or pattern. Each Chihuahua has a unique coat.

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Like all dogs, and humans, losing hairs is part of daily life. Shedding is a normal thing for Chihuahuas. They are small dogs, so you have less hair. If you want to know why, you can find the information in the full article.

Take-aways from the full article:

  • Long haired vs Short haired
  • Short coat single vs double
  • Long coat single vs double

Size and Posture

Chihuahua appearanceAs the breeding standard stated above, the typical Chihuahua weighs between 2 and 3 kg (3-6lb). These Chihuahuas are considered small, and not ideal as a pet size.

Chihuahuas can be bigger, this is not a bad thing. Additionally, some of the oversize Chihuahuas are considered better with children then their tiny counterparts.

Take-aways from the full article:

  • Breeding standard size
  • Pet Chihuahua size
  • Posture and aggressive stance

Chihuahua Temperament

People often think that Chihuahuas are aggressive dogs. This is a myth that we would gladly bust.

The Chihuahua is a loyal dog breed. Regardless of its size, its considered a good watchdog for its alertness. They want to protect their owners and property from invaders, a good trait in dogs. The approach of the Chihuahua depends on two factors. Heritage and education. If the Chihuahua in question has had its chair of social experiences and was trained well, it would be a great pet. If neglected with very few social experiences, it would be a scared aggressive dog.

Take-aways from the full article:

  • Heritage and education
  • Size matters when feeling afraid
  • A proud breed


Dogs in general are good companions (boo cats). Their need to be around you and the love they can express make for a new best friend. Chihuahuas excel in companionship due to their loyalty and expressiveness. The tiny dog is always there to keep you entertained.

More from the full article:

  • Loyal, courageous, lively, proud and adventurous
  • Like the outdoors and indoors
  • Attached to its owner

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No need to state the obvious, but lets do it anyway. Chihuahuas are small dogs. There are many dangers for small dogbreeds that do not exist for larger breeds.

When owning a Chihuahua you need to watch out for simple things. Jumping off heights, other animals and even sitting on your own dog. We cover a few more elements in the full article.

  • Chihuahuas like to hide under covers
  • Careful of the unknown outdoors
  • Don’t be clumsy

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Chihuahuas are most likely one of the first dogs to bark. They are very vigilant and protective and are in permanent ‘alarm mode’. Chihuahuas are great guard dogs for a small home without garden and are e extremely good at spotting a burglar. They might even be able to scare them! Eventhough barking is somewhat true to its nature and some people might find it bad trait, a good owner can prevent this by proper training. A chihuahua that respects its owner will not bark if the owner tells him not to do so.

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Chihuahuas might seem difficult to housebreak, but early actions prevent this. Owners get caught up in what is called ‘Small dog Syndrome’. Because of their small stature, Chihuahuas want to show others that they are not obstructed by this. This is called ‘Small dog syndrome’, a behavior that should always be discouraged. Examples of this are standing on top of their owners or other dogs or demanding all the attention.

Because of their loyalty Chihuahuas will remain near their owners at all costs, keeping you safe. Be sure to discourage any early aggressive behavior. When untrained, Chihuahuas can become scared aggressive towards new experiences. You might have seen this in videos, when a dog barks at bicycle or bites the tires. This is also true for Chihuahuas. Teach your dog to be open to new experiences.deer-headed-chihuahua


Chihuahua training is a crucial part of its education. In the full article we discuss training in more detail.

Take-aways from the full article:

  • Chihuahuas are not the typical labrador
  • Pack leader & alpha dog
  • Small dog syndrome
  • Discourage dominant and aggressive behavior early on
  • Training, training, training, TRAINING

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