Emile&Tolkien: Number 5

Emile & Tolkien

Bed Time

To be honest I would not really have done anything if we hadn’t had a house guest. Not for me you understand but for Emile and Tolkien. I agreed to look after a sweet Dalmatian called Dolce for the weekend. All the dogs knew each other and got on well, so no problem?

Up until now I had let Emile and Tolkien sleep wherever they wanted as they quite like roaming around the house a bit and to be honest they are so small what if they slept at the end of my bed?? Yes I know that this is not necessarily the best way to go!

I had just got back from a short trip and had left my suitcase open and almost unpacked in the office. When I went to bed I checked to see where my friends were and Dolce was curled up in the suitcase!! I then realised that I needed to be a little bit stricter.

Ok it took some weeks but finally Emile and Tolkien have got used to their small but well-padded baskets (Emile actually likes a little blanket over him as well, sweet). I added two soft pillows with their names on and hey presto.  Of course they seem to prefer sleeping in each other’s basket but that’s dogs for you. And no, I haven’t caught them on my bed again.

See you next time,

Juan Hoonose

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