buying a Chihuahua

Buying a Chihuahua

Buying a dog is often seen as a big decision in life, yet people often take this decision without carefully thinking it through. This carelessness often leads to dogs being abandoned or being brought to a shelter. Before considering purchasing a chihuahua, one most realise that chihuahuas are a special breed which has a unique character and temperament. It is very important as a future chihuahua owner to judge if you are able to handle said temperament. Additionally, it is also critical to be well informed and make sure you are ready for the commitment of being a dog owner. We like to think though that chihuahua owners have made the made the effort of investigating the variety of information available and realise that a pet is a living creature with feelings and should be treated the same way you want to be treated.

buying chihuahua puppiesOnce you have decided that you are ready to add a member to your family, you can begin to look for the perfect chihuahua. In order to make your search for the perfect companion easier, we have created a critical checklist. The goal of this article is to help you navigate through the mine-field of available information and contains the following points.

  • Questions to ask yourself
  • Is my house Chihuahua-ready?
  • Finding the right Chihuahua puppy
  • Potential problems
  • Puppy Health inspection
  • Questions to ask the breeder
  • Know the No-No’s

The marketplace has an abundance of pups for sale. Unfortunately, for visitors, it is not possible to see how reliable this information is. The journey of buying Chihuahua puppies starts with knowing the types of Chihuahua breeds available. There is no use in looking for Teacup or ‘Fawn’ Chihuahuas as these breeds do not officially exist. However, there are many people online claiming to sell these Chihuahua breeds. When buying a chihuahua it’s important to know what exists and how to avoid uncertified and unhealthy Chihuahua puppies.

Step 1 – Are you ready for a dog?

Dog ownership is an important life decision that can bring many benefits. It can include a healthier lifestyle, a better social life,  a sense of responsibility, companionship and many other benefits. However, if the wrong choice is made, it could also have a negative impact on your life. As dog will be part of your daily life for many years it is very important to ask yourself “Am I ready for a dog in my life?”.

To ensure that you get the most benefits out of your life-companion you must ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Can I Afford a dog?
    A dog can be expensive when you realise owning a dog includes costs such as food, equipment, the vet and many more. Furthermore, the chihuahua is a breed which requires slightly more maintenance than other dogbreeds. Although, this is somewhat offset by the fact that chihuahuas typically eat less. Below you will find an overview of the added cost of owning a dog. More info can be found on this website!
  2. Can I make a lifelong commitment as the owner of the dog?
    Chihuahuas can live up to 18 or even 20 years. When buying a Chihuahua you should know that you will have a buddy for at least 10 years. Is this something you considered? Are you ready to be held responsible for the next 10-20 years?
  3. Is my home suited to maintain an additional member?
    Chihuahuas will need a space of their own. It will need space to move around and feel respected in its home. Is your home suited to have an addition to the family?
  4. Will there be someone at home for the dog?
    Chihuahuas get lonely fast. If its owner is gone, and there is nobody in the house, the Chihuahua may become lonely and frustrated. This could lead to destructive behavior. It is therefore important to ensure your dog has someone/something to spend time with.
  5. Will I find the time to train, groom and care for a dog
    A dog is a daily challenge and gift at the same time. Yes, you will have many benefits from your companion but you will also need to invest the necessary time. Just like a child, a dog must be trained and guided through life. Because all of this takes time and because it is a never ending job, it is of crucial importance that you are able and willing to sacrifice this time for your dog.
  6. Am I able to answer these questions with YES, for at least 10 years
    If you can, then you are ready for a dog! If you are not, please think long and hard. Maybe you really want a dog but you are not ready for it or your environment cannot support a dog. Do not be discouraged, visit local shelters or become a dog-walker.Websites such as can give you some much needed dog time. Actively getting involved will give you valuable experience in handling and taking care of a dog. It will prepare you for when you want to take the leap and become a dog owner.

Step 2 – Is your house ready for a Chihuahua?

  • A first thing to consider are toys. Make sure you have chewing toys available for your dog.
    They generally prefer toys which are soft and noisy as pointed out by Cesar Milan.
  • Secondly, before bringing home a puppy it is also advised to hide all expensive things (clothes, jewlery, shoes, …) out of range. Obviously the same counts for any harming product, chemicals and medicines. Puppies are curious and love to investigate. Make sure they do not sample anything dangerous.
  • Finally, you should ask yourself if you have an area that the chihuahua can consider his? Chihuahuas love being an actual part of the family and will consider themselves exactly that. In order to make it feel at home quickly, it is important he/she has an area dedicated to eating, sleeping and playing.

Step 3 – Choosing a Chihuahua

  • If you are reading this article you’ve already chosen your dog breed. You’ve chosen to buy a Chihuahua, you are aware of their needs and you and your house are ready to add a family member. If you still do not realise a Chihuahua will take time to train and maintain, please read the available information.
  • Will my Chihuahua be lonely?
    Chihuahuas are active around the house and demand attention. If this doesn’t happen your Chihuahua could become lonely. If you aren’t home often and the Chihuahua will be left alone for long periods of time, you should buy 2 chihuahuas. Because this dog breed prefers its own over any other breed, getting a second dog or a cat could be tricky. However, a buddy could be a good idea. Before you follow this advice, make sure you contemplate such decisions. Two chihuahuas is twice the trouble!
  • Do I have time for a puppy?
    Puppies require a lot of work when it comes to house training. If you do not have the time, patience or motivation we would advise to get a housebroken adult chihuahua. This can have benefits but can also have unwanted consequences. This chihuahua will already have a fully developed mind and body. Make sure it is trained correctly before adopting it!

Step 4 – Buying a Chihuahua

There are many options to buy a dog. For example, you can go through a respected breeder or adopting a pet through a kennel. For obvious reasons we believe rehoming or adopting a pet is the best way. These animals have often been left behind for no fault of their own and deserve to be adopoted by a caring and loving owner. We have accumulated a list of important information to consider when buying a chihuahua. Thats what this page is all about.

UK kennelclub for recognised Dog breeders

USA kennelclub for recognised Dog breeders

Potential red flags

The benefit of purchasing a puppy through a breeder, is that you have better chance of  making sure you have a puppy with a clean record and a known history of heritage. However, some breeders can be cheats and tamper with the information they provide you. Therefore, we suggest you approach recognised breeders and use your common sense.

To know if a breeder is recognised, registered and legal you can check the kennel clubs in your country. Although, the kennel club registration is not a guarantee that the breeder is responsible. The best course of action would be to contact your kennel club and ask if they can refer good breeders. Note that these breeders tend to have a long waitinglist which grows as their reputation grows. A good puppy is worth waiting for though!

Some additional warning signs of a bad breeder are:

  • They let the pup go before reaching 12 weeks of age.
  • They offer you the dog without meeting and interviewing you. Good breeders tend to do this as they want to make sure the dog gets a good home and have nothing to hide themselves!

A full list of questions to ask the breeders can be found on this page.

Know your Chihuahua No-No’s

1. Never buy a Chihuahua from a pet shop

Pet shops are not the place to buy dogs. Pets that come from petshops are often poorly treated. They are treated like products and are not raised like living animals. Bad nutrition, no weaning, illnesses, motherless, and much more. Pet shops are not shops where you buy pets, but shops where you buy pet necessities.

Dogster wrote a nice article with 10 reasons why not to buy from Pet stores, which is worth a read.

2. Avoid breeders that advertise more then three different breeds

Breeding dogs is a full-time job. It takes years and generations to have a solid breed and it can be lost in one litter. Reputation and certification is the only thing breeders can thrive on. Breeders who have the time to focus on three different breeds do not put enough focus on one breed. For Chihuahua breeders this rule is more important than for other breeds.

3. Say no to red flags

Chihuahuas are a very specific breed. Careful breeding is important. If you go down your checklist before buying a Chihuahua, you must not allow too many red flags. Prioritise your life before you buy a dog, not being able to care for a dog should not be an option. A healthy dog is important, for your sake and for the dog’s. Be wary of red flags, even if you want to rescue it.

Want to know more about the Chihuahua health, or the common health issues. Read all about it on the “Chiahuahua health” page

Like any other animal on the planet, not all Chihuahua puppies are born healthy. Some have worms, some have a bone disorder, some have growth issues, …

Because you do not want the relationship with your new best friend to be inflicted by long term healt complications, you need a healthy puppy. A Chihuahua is a special dog which requires a specific health inspection. This checklist will help you in the process of assessing your future chihuahua’s health.

  1. Ticks & FleasChihuahua Puppies
  2. Weak puppies
  3. Clean puppies
  4. Mucus buildup
  5. Oral examination
  6. Weight and height
  7. Vomiting & Diarrhea

Read the full article on “Puppy Health Inspection” by clicking on the link.

Do not hesitate to ask the breeder questions about the litter. This is common practice.  Before buying a Chihuahua you must know the details of the breeder and the heritage of the dog. These will help you in determining the health and personality of your puppy. A breeder will also consider it normal for you to ask these questions, not doing so could be a red flag for breeders who are concerned about their litter. Here are some questions you could ask before buying a Chihuahua:

  • Types of chihuahuasCan I see the puppies with their mother?
  • Is there a health record of the mother?
  • How old are the puppies?
  • Are the puppies weaned?
  • How old is the Chihuahua’s mother?
  • Have they been wormed?
  • Have they had any vaccinations and when is the next dose due?
  • What should I feed my puppy?
  • Where are the puppies raised?
  • What kind of socialisation and experiences has the pup had?
  • When can I take the puppy home?
  • Does the mother or father have any traits they are proud of?
  • How long have you been breeding, and what traits are you selecting if any?
  • If I bought an unhealthy puppy, can I bring it back?
  • What can I expect from you after I take the puppy home?

A good breeder will want to asks you some questions.  They could also ask about your environment and your experience with dogs. It is very important that both buyer and seller are on the same page before buying a Chihuahua.

Read the full article “Questions to ask the Chihuahua Breeder” by clicking the link.