Forbidden and poisonous Chihuahua food

Chihuahua food and nutrition to avoid

Now that we have a good view on the Chihuahua food you must include in your meals, let’s have a look at food no-no’s.

There are a lot of different things a Chihuahua shouldn’t eat:

  • Onions and Garlic: avoid at all cost. Toxic for your Chihuahua and should be kept away.toxic chihuahua food
  • Some fruits, seeds and pits: fruit is a vital element in a healthy Chihuahua’s diet. However, some fruits should be avoided: grapes and raisins. They are toxic and should come nowhere near your Chihuahua. Additionally, a general rule of thumb is to avoid fruit seeds and pits entirely. Some of these may contain cyanide and are unhealthy for your Chihuahua. Furthermore, cores such as apple and pear cores should be avoided too. So when adding a bit of fruit to your Chihuahua’s meal,  remember to clean out the fruit and throw  away the pits, seeds and cores.
  • Chocolate: again, avoid at all cost. Chocolate is the number one reason for food poisining amongst dogs (according to American Pet Poison Helpline). Don’t let your Chihuahua fall victim to this unfortunate statistic. Chocolate contains two toxic substances for dogs: caffeine and theobromine. The latter is especially toxic for our little friends.
  • Macadamia Nuts: We felt it important to highlight this one as well, as most nuts are perfeclty fine for Chihuahuas. However, macadamia nuts are the exception. These nuts are not fatal when consumed, but can serioulsy harm your Chihuahua.

Next to these dangerous foods, Chihuahuas shouldn’t drink:

  • Alcohol: a no brainer. Who in their right mind would serve their Chihuahua alcohol? Also, avoid leaving a glass of wine on the kitchen counter after a fun night. Your Chihuahua might want to have a little taste. You don’t want to be around to bear those consequences, trust us.
  • Caffeine: you don’t let your newborn or child drink a cup of coffee do you? Well the same goes for your Chihuahua. Caffeine is of course not limited to coffee, but can also be found in Tea and chocolate.