The cutest Chihuahua Christmas outfit in the world

Best Christmas outfit and
accessories for your chihuahua

Christmas is on its way and winter is coming. As you get into the Christmas spirit with the family, huddle up around the fire place and start decorating your home, you must not forget about your little Chihuahua. This little fluffball is also part of the family and enjoys family time as much as you do. In this article we will highlight some Christmas clothes and accessories for your Chihuahua during the festive period, so he/she feels part of it.

Santa Coat

What better for your Chihuahua than a good old Santa Coat. Nothing says Christmas spirit more than a Santa Coat. Imagine the happiness of your Chihuahua when it gets all this attention during the festive period in its cute little Santa coat. A bonus is obviously the warmth it will give your Chihuahua when you play with it in the snow (if there’s any 😊).

chihuahua christmas outfit

Rudolph Christmas Jumper

Who does not need a little helper during the busy Christmas period? We all know it can become a bit busy and stressful preparing for the festivities during Christmas. The best way to alleviate this stress is to get your little helper look the part and wear its Rudolph Christmas jumper. It will put a smile on both you and your Chihuahua’s face. Oh yes by the way the Rudolph Christmas jumper will keep it warm too!

chihuahua outfit

Christmas Santa Fancy Dress

If you want to go to the next level and throw a fancy dress Christmas party and be the part and match your Chihuahua, the Christmas Santa Fancy dress is the thing for your Chihuahua during the Christmas period. This Christmas Santa fancy dress includes a little hat, a cape to make your little darling look the part.

chihuahua christmas

Santa Hat

Bringing it back to basics. Not all Chihuahuas like a full-on sweater or fancy dress so why not try a simple Santa hat? It will make your Chihuahua Christmas ready and make it look the part on Christmas morning!

santa hat for dogs

Reindeer Festive Scarf

A perfect addition to your Santa hat is a reindeer Christmas scarf. Not only will it keep your Chihuahua warm whilst on its walk, it will also look fabulous! You can’t go wrong with a timeless red and navy reindeer scarf and you can use it for years to come!

small dog scarf

Christmas pudding bandana

If you want your Chihuahua to look cool during Christmas, then the Christmas pudding bandana is the one for you! The bandana will keep your little fluffball warm during its Christmas morning walk in the park and turn all the heads 😊

best chihuahua outfit

Christmas deer antlers

If you want a fun little accessory for your Chihuahua during the festive period, the Christmas deer antlers are for you. They can perfectly be combined with the Rudolph Christmas jumper to fully polish the outfit and make your Chihuahua 100% Christmas ready.

small dog reindeer antlers

Something for you

It’s not just about your Chihuahua – obviously you love your little family member and are a proud mum. What better thing to show this off then nice Chihuahua mum PJs to wear during Christmas morning whilst you open your presents!

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