The Dogsling, a Dog Carrier review

Is a dogsling carrier the right thing for your chihuahua?

We have all been in the situation where we have had to carry our chihuahua around (in a dogsling, dog carrier backpack or others). Whether it is to go on a big hike and giving him/her a little rest or whether it is to carry your chihuahua whilst it’s recovering from an injury. There are loads of reasons why you would need a dog carrier. The question is, what do you need to consider when buying one?

  • Is it comfortable for both you and your chihuahua?

  • Does it support your dog properly?

  • Is it easy to use?

  • Is easy to maintain (clean, etc…)

There are several options out there like the dog carrier backpack or a dogsling carrier. We at PlanetChihuahua believe the sling is the best option for a little chihuahua. The reasons why are the following:

  • It’s comfortable for your chihuahua as it allows your chihuahua to sit in a very snug position. Furthermore, it is usually made out of soft material which caresses your chihuahua

  • Your chihuahua will be very close to your body and will have the advantage of being able to look at you whilst sitting in the sling. Both of these advantages will enhance the bond between you and your chihuahua

  • The dogsling is very light to carry and hangs just right over your shoulder, improving the owner’s comfort

  • It is handsfree! As the dogsling just hangs over your shoulder both of your hands are free. This allows you to carry other items whilst walking, using your phone or even petting your little chihuahua whilst it’s relaxing in your sling

In the past dogslings also had some disadvantages. The ones mentioned the most frequently are the lack of storage pockets and missing safety clip attachments. The newer dogslings no longer have these disadvantages and include both of these features. So why would you not go for a dogsling?

As mentioned before, we at PlanetChihuahua would recommend the dogsling carrier. That’s also why we offer a very soft fleece based dogsling in our shop.

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