Choosing a name for your Chihuahua

Chihuahua names

Choosing a name for your favourite companion is an important decision. First we will give some general advice on how to name your dearest Chihuahua. But we will not give an exhaustive list of Chihuahua names.

General advice

Here at PlanetChihuahua our number one advice is to stick with a short name. Dogs in general have an easier time to recognise sounds of either one or two syllables. You can of course go for a longer name and shorten it into something cute, for example Tinker can be used as short for Tinkerbell. Advicenumber two is to avois a name that can be associated with a command such as Kit or Cait. This is due to the fact that dogs do not actually recognize specific words. Because dogs are more prone to remembering the frequency of a certain word they can easily confuse their name (for example Kit) with the command ‘sit’. Our third advice is to choose a name that contains a sharp consonant. Names that start with c, f, k, p, s, or t work well to catch the attention of your Chi. Tippy is just an incredibly cute name to be honest. Advice number four is to avoid very common dog names. As you will often call out your dog’s name in public it’s important that you only call out to your dog and not two other dogs. If you name your dog Rover, Jake, Buddy and Charlie you might experience some unwanted attention when you call your Chihuahua in a public park.

Finding inspiration

A good name for your Chihuahua could be inspired on its personality or appearence. You could refer to the color of your dog’s coat (for example ‘Brownie) or to the length of its fur (for example Fuzzy). Chihuahua’s are one of the smallest dogs on the planet so you might find it funny to use a name such as Biggie or Samson. Furthermore you can find inspiration in names of famous actors, fictional characters or other famous dogs. Whatever you choose let us know in the comment section below!

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